Monday, May 6, 2013


hey der. 

I haven't posted in FOREVER. 

I'm in school and I'm bored. ok. 


Monday, April 16, 2012


religion. it's a funny thing. there are so many of them, but only one will get you to heaven.
some people think it's islam.
some buddhism.
others jewish.
and the list goes on and on.

there is only one religion.

now, this is me pouring out my feelings into this little internet blog. this is what i think.

(the only religion that deserves a capital letter.)
it annoys me when people don't get this. you can't get to heaven by being nice! or being baptized, or repenting 37 times. it's Him.

what don't you understand about this, people? Jesus Christ died for your sins! your dirty, worthless sins, He took upon himself and DIED for you! He saved you from satan for crying out loud! do you really want to spend your life in a pit of fire? i didn't think so.

i want to cry when i see people of different religions. don't judge me, i'm not prejudiced, i just cry to think that these people won't ever get to experience the Kingdom of God unless someone witnesses to them. and that person is me. me and all of the other Christians in the world.
God is good.
God is love.
God is our shepherd.
He is always there. Always. Feel abandoned? Have a problem? God can fix it.
He is our doctor.
Our Father.
Our Rock.
He is bigger than anything you will ever imagine.
He is giving you the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Accept it.

This is my mission.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


once upon a time, there was a girl. she was in love. in love with a man she could never be with. when he was 14, he murdered 4 men because they were going to hurt her. rae, her name was. so the boy went to jail. for life. and rae was heartbroken. but she never gave up.

she turned 21, and he was 24. she would visit him every day in the prison. they talked. forever. but then it was time for her to leave. they shared tearful goodbyes and he stole a kiss or two. she would go home and cry. because if it wasn't for him, she would be dead right now.

back in the prison, leo sat on his bed and prayed. he prayed that one day he would be let out of this place. he wanted nothing more than to be with rae. he was going to propose right after he was released. that night, one of the guards came into his room and took him away. they locked him in a steel room with no windows and rae came in.

he was surprised to see her, for the visiting hours were done. she looked beautiful as always, and his eyes filled with tears at the sight of her. she smiled.
"i've come to take you home."
then the tears spilled. they hugged and kissed. he changed for the first time in 7 years. off came the orange jumpsuit, on came the jeans and t-shirt. he smiled and took her hand. they walked to her mercedes and drove. for the first time, he was free.

rae smiled. finally.

leo took her hand as they parked in front of her apartment.
"i have a guest bedroom if you want to stay here for the night."
he smiled.
"of course."

2 years later, he proposed, and  their wedding was a month later.

they were married 70 years.
rae lived to be 91 years old and leo died soon after, some say of loneliness.

love conquers all.

Monday, March 12, 2012


someday i will write. lots and lots and lots of letters.

but not now. now i am just thinking.

i will write letters to my parents.

my future husband.

my future kids.

my friends.

my life.

i will write. and boy will i have writers cramp. because i will write.

but not now. and to be honest, i don't even know why i'm writing this. it's my to-do list, i guess. waiting for me to complete it.

cause i will.

i will write.

Monday, February 20, 2012


It's been a long time since I've posted. Ah well. At least I'm doing it now. So. School's tomorrow. After an extra long weekend, I don't think I'm ready. No one is. School is something no one is ever prepared for. There's always something that gets you caught off guard. I'm not really feeling the whole "test on a monday" thing. Ok, so it's Tuesday tomorrow, who cares? It's a Monday disguised as a Tuesday. It thinks it's so clever. HA. I laughed in it's face. Mondays always sneak up on us with no warning at all. I read somewhere, "Why is Monday always so far away from Friday, but yet Friday is always so close to Monday?" So true. Honestly, we should have a break in the middle of a school week. Monday, Tuesday, BREAK, Thursday, Friday! Boom. Instant success with the students. I'm all for it, if you ask me. Well guess what. It's 9:11. I have to go to bed at 9:30, so I'd better hit the "post" button and get off. Time to talk to Monday face to face. Tuesday, Monday, they're the same. Only when Monday's a day off. Ah, you know what I'm to you all! <3

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Somerset, Cryderman Style

So it began. The week of unending bliss spent with the most amazing people on the planet. December 26th was the date, the date we anticipated almost as much as Christmas. We were the first ones there. Applewood Lodge. Just sitting there in the snow, empty. Waiting for us to come with our Christmas spirit. And we came.

 We came, and we said  hello. Hello to all of the things we had missed for a year. Hello Room 2!

Hello lake!

Hello cousins, who slowly began to drift into the lodge, bearing smiles and fun stories from the months past.

And what better place to have your Sweet 16 birthday party than the lodge. Kara, my awesome cousin, turned 16 on December 25th. So, my brilliant cousin Ashlee Cryderman had an idea to throw her a surprise party. And she pulled it off brilliantly.

And so, after that, the lodge had begun.

This year, Beth, Sophie, and I decided to do a salon. In the bathroom of Room 2 was the debut of the most wonderful salon in all of Somerset Beach Campground.

It was wildly popular.

Why hello snow! Thank you for coming!

And of course, there's hockey. The warmth decided to stay longer instead of clearing the stage for cold, so we had no ice. But we didn't let that stop us.

Then there's random lodge stuff that is reserved for our family only. Like electrical top tricks.

And spoons. Ah spoons, how we love you.

My injury.

Some others are random appearances of Simba and Nala.

And the newest member of our big family, Charlie. The troubled one.

Him and McKenna kind of have a "thing" going on.

There's Rockband.

And then the all out "we're at the lodge so let's act crazy and take pictures of ourselves because we're at the lodge and why wouldn't we do that" kinda stuff.

So au revoir, Somerset. Until next year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


"You cannot stop Christmas from coming. It came. It came just the same."

Yes it did. Today. We got tons of presents. But who cares. It's not about the presents. It's about Jesus. He was born today. Probably right around this time. And he was born in a stable. You all know the story. It's just that we should think about it more today. Instead of the hustle and bustle of tearing wrapping paper, screaming over amazing presents, we should all sit and think awhile about how Jesus came to die. For us. The sinners.

Last night, at the Christmas Eve service in Portage, my cousin read something very meaningful. Mary's Prayer. It's hyperlinked. Click on it. Read it. Such a beautiful message. Makes you really think. Jesus came. In human form. He was so perfect. So beautiful at birth. Terrible things were going to happen to him. Terrible.

Now, on that note, let's turn to gifts. True, not the meaning of Christmas, but they're fun. I LOVED my gifts.

I got a Nikon.

And Toms. YES!

Christmas was amazing this year. It was in the future, now it's in the past. Christmas just keeps on going and there's nothing we can do to stop it. It'll go, it'll come, for many times in the future. But remember. Jesus is the reason for the season!